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Now is not the time
for indoor voices.

With inclusivity central to our mission, we understand the urgency to use our platform in greater support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Outdoor Voices was founded to inspire happier & healthier lives by making daily Recreation fun and accessible to all. We set out to show that moving your body is for every body, regardless of gender, size, or race. It is clear that in our pursuit of that vision, we can do better.

How we’re driving change from within:

  • · Audit hiring & HR processes to ensure equitable evaluation, compensation, and advancement for all candidates and employees
  • · Conduct unconscious bias and anti-racism training for all current employees in the next 60 days, and as a requirement for all new employees going forward
  • · Evaluate relationships with partners, vendors, and ambassadors / influencers to ensure diverse representation, value alignment, and proper compensation
  • · Implement a flexible holiday policy that better serves varying needs and beliefs

How we’re supporting external progress:

  • · Make a donation of $25k to Black Lives Matter Global Network, and actively seek additional ways that we can support organizations that advocate for meaningful change
  • · Broaden the reach of our events and mobilize Team OV to create hands-on support for underserved communities through volunteering and mentorship
  • · Amplify Black and BIPOC voices and businesses across our channels, including The Recreationalist
  • · Create a transparent and equitable program for content creators and ambassadors

Where we go from here:

The Black Lives Matter movement has been a powerful catalyst for self-reflection as individuals and as a business. We don’t have all the answers. But, grounded in our founding vision of inclusivity, we hold ourselves accountable to learning, growing, and getting better. Outdoor Voices is committed to doing our part.