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Motion Studies, Nos. 1 – 6

We recently created a suite of six Motion Studies: brief, one-take ruminations on Recreation. Within them, Activity is assessed as something without Start or Finish, but rather as part of the texture of the Everyday—kinetic meditation. Shot over the course of a long weekend in and around Austin, TX, our semi-official mantra is reflected via these in medias res portraits: simply put, Doing Things is Better than Not Doing Things.

No. 1 —

No. 2 —

No. 3 —

No. 4 —

No. 5 —

No. 6 —


No. 1 — Street: C-Boys Heart & Soul, South Congress; No. 2 — Studio: Joy Moves Pilates, Westlake; No. 3 — Field: Westlake High School, Chaparral Stadium, Westlake; No. 4 — Home: Lake | Flato Residence, Lake Austin; No. 5 — Court: South Austin Tennis Center, South Austin; No. 6 — Water: Barton Springs, Zilker Park.


A–Z : Nina Anakar (No. 4); Anne Campbell (Nos. 2, 3); Cameron Campbell (No. 3); Bowie Haney (No. 4); Tyler Haney (No. 6); Taylor Jarrett (Nos. 1, 3, 5, 6); Rachel Kalantari (Nos. 2, 3, 5); Amanda McArthur (No. 6); Andrew Parietti (No. 6); Dagny Piasecki (Nos. 3, 5, 6); Teddy Rollins (No. 6); Brandi Russell (Nos. 3, 6); Ryan Smith (Nos. 1, 3); Joanna Steblay (No. 6); Mikey van Beuren (No. 6); Scout Vernon (No. 1, 3); Alice Willett (No. 3); and John Mark Witson (Nos. 1, 3).


Direction & Editing, Michael Clarke; Camera I, Mikey Van Beuren; Camera II, Kevin Steen; Camera III, Tucker Bliss; Production, Tyler Haney; Art Direction, Benjamin Critton; Location Scouting, Teddy Rollins; NY Production, Stephanie Ohanyan; TX Production, Amanda McArthur; TX Assistance, Elizabeth Spruiell; Music, Udbhav Gupta; Sound, Zachary Engel; Food, MMH Group.


Composed by Udbhav Gupta of Mr. Twin Sister. All samples are taken from the Optigan (a portmanteau of OPTIcal & orGAN), a keyboard instrument released by Mattel in 1971. The Optigan uses discs encoded with recorded audio of live instruments, which were initially intended to provide keyboard accompaniment. The sounds, repurposed here, are layered in themes that abstractly correspond to the Activity shown: No. 1 — ‘Latin Fever’ + ‘Cha Cha Cha’; No. 2 — ‘Pop Piano’ + ‘Guitar’; No. 3 — ‘Rock & Rhythm’; No. 4 — ‘Easy Does It, w/ Vibes’; No. 5 — ‘Movin’; No. 6 — ‘Singin’ Rhythm’.