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What payment methods does Outdoor Voices accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club debit and credit cards, both online and in our retail shops. Visa & Amex Gift Cards can be used, though we often have trouble refunding them. In that instance, we can work with you on an OV Gift Certificate refund.

Online orders can also be placed via Amazon Payments, Apple Pay, and PayPal Express Checkout, just keep in mind PayPal enforces a 60 day refund window.

I have a question about my order, what should I do?

Get in touch! Drop us an E-Mail at or give us a ring at 646.681.4454. We’re here 9:00AM to 7:00PM Eastern.

We’re happy to answer questions about Orders, Order Modifications, Shipping, Returns, & Cancellations…and pretty much anything else you can throw at us. Plus, we’re nice and somewhat fun.

Can I change or cancel my order?

We process orders quickly, so we’ll do our best to help you with any changes or cancellations before your OV starts making moves. Send us a note as soon at possible at You can also give us a ring at 646.681.4454 between 9:00am and 6:00pm Eastern.


When will my order ship out?

We ask for 1-2 business days for our team to pack & ship your full order.

Orders placed for before 2:00pm EST will ship that evening, order volume permitting. Orders placed after 3:00pm EST on Friday—or over the weekend—will ship on Monday. If you want to double-check on your order status, send us a note at or give us a call at 646.681.4454.

Where does your clothing ship from?

A majority of orders will ship from our warehouse in Massachusetts; some specialty items or low-inventory items will ship from one of our shops in Austin, Dallas, or New York. To get your full order on its way, we occasionally ship from a combination of these locations.

If your order ships in separate packages, we will send you multiple tracking numbers. We’re pros when it comes to tracking packages, let us know if we can help locate yours.

How long does it take my order to arrive? Can it be expedited?

All orders ship via UPS Ground free of charge and take 3–6 business days to arrive. For swifter delivery, you can select UPS 2-Day shipping for $12 at checkout. This expedited shipping will arrive in 2 business days once it's packed and ready to go.

To double check ETA's and shipping speeds to your location, reach out to our team at

Does OV ship internationally?

At the moment, we only ship within the US as we focus on building the OV brand from our home court. We aim to revisit international shipping down the track and are excited to be #DoingThings with you soon!

Discounts & Promotions

How do I add a discount or promotion code?

Have a discount? Awesome! You can add it to your order when moving through checkout. There will be a box on the right side of the screen above your order's subtotal. Enter the code and your total will reflect the new amount.

Our website allows one discount code per order. If you have multiple discounts, save one for your next order or send it to a friend. Doing things is better together.

Discount codes are only applicable to "discountable" items. Exclusions include Gift Certificates, Kits, third party merchandise, and other items.

Why isn't my discount code working?

Trouble with discount codes is commonly caused by expiration dates or what's in your shopping cart. Double check if the code you received has any restrictions, like a price hurdle or expiration date. Discount codes are also only applicable to "discountable" items. Exclusions include Gift Certificates, Kits, third party merchandise, and other items.

Code still not working? Email our team at, we can help troubleshoot from there!

Returns & Exchanges

What is your return policy?

Returns are accepted on all unworn, undamaged items within 30 days of purchase. Please do your best to remove lint and deodorant marks before returning, and leave tags in place. A quick try-on is cool—spin class and a long run is less cool.

If your order is damaged upon arrival or otherwise structurally fails, please contact our team at We will gladly accept these items back and work with you on a replacement or other solution. Your OV is made to last.

How do I start a return or exchange?

To start a Return or Exchange, jog over to and enter your email. We'll send you an email that links to your order history — from there, you can select which items you're sending back and print a prepaid return label.

For exchanges, you'll move through these motions and add a note to the Refund Calculations page for which items you'd like to try next.

Where can I find my shipping label?

Hop over to and move through the usual return steps. You'll receive a prepaid shipping label once we know which items you're sending our way.

How do I return / exchange a gift?

To kickstart your gift return,go to and click through the "Returning a gift?" link underneath the email entry box.

If you're having trouble tracking down details from the original order, our team is happy to help. Just send us a note at with info about the friendly person who gifted you OV and what you'd like to send back.

My Kit doesn't fit, can I exchange it?

Yes! You can swap your Kit item(s) for different sizes or colors. Click over to and select Exchange during the 3rd step, on the Refund Calculations page. Note what you'd like to try next.

To keep your Kit discount pricing, move through our traditional exchange process (we'll send you the new item once we have the original), rather than using the Instant Refund offered alongside your return label.

Can I return part of my Kit?

Yep. If you return your Kit, you will receive a refund equal to the discounted price of the item(s) returned. This is calculated by the discount that was applied to each item in your Kit during checkout to bring them to the bundled price.

A quick example — If you order a Women's Rec Kit with an Athena Crop and Warmup Leggings and just return the Athena Crop, you will be refunded $30, rather than the full price of an Athena, $50.

How long does a refund or exchange take to process?

Your return is making moves! From start to finish-line, please give your refund/exchange 7-14 days to get back to you.

Our Returns Team is located on the East Coast, so return travel may take up to 5 business days + 3-4 days for processing. Once we have your items checked in, we'll send the refund or exchange your way along with a quick email confirmation.

What is an "Instant Refund Gift Card" and how do I use it?

Once you move through the returns steps online, you will be issued a temporary Instant Refund. The Instant Refund will be equal to the value of your returns and gives you the flexibility to place a new order right away, rather than wait for a credit card refund. Less waiting, more #DoingThings.

What happens if I don't use my "Instant Refund?"

Once your return items are checked in, we will deactivate the Instant Refund gift card and issue a refund for any outstanding balance back to your original payment method (or issue an exchange if you requested one).

If you did not use any of your Instant Refund, you will receive a full refund for these items. If you used the Instant Refund in full, enjoy your new gear!

Why doesn't my "Instant Refund" match the price of the item I'm returning?

If you used a discount on your order, our returns system will show the price paid rather than the value of the item. To keep your discount in place, move through our traditional exchange process (we'll send you the new item once we have the original) rather than using your Instant Refund to repurchase.

If you'd like to exchange for a higher priced item, send our team at ( for an alternate route.


What is a Kit?

Starting at $100, OV Kits are interchangeable Uniforms for Recreation. Each OV Kit—Rec, Tech, and Studio—is personalized to your fit, style and favorite activities. Within each, you'll grab a top and a bottom (plus optional add-ons), bundled together at a smarter price.

Which Kit is right for me?

For our Kits, we bundled together our favorite styles and fabrics by the activities they're designed best for.

Rec — for daily Recreation, the Rec Kit is best for hikes, jogs and downward dogs. Our Textured Compression, Mossed Jersey & Merino Jersey fabrics are best for sorta-sweaty activities.

Tech — for sweaty Recreation, our Tech Kit is designed for quick movement like sprints, serves and dribble dribble. Our Rec Poly, Tech Sweat and Nylon Mesh materials are lightweight and sweat-wicking.

Studio — for bendy Recreation, our Studio Kit is designed to stretch with you through yoga, dance and pilates. Our Studio Skin and Lightweight Mossed Jersey fabrics are soft and flexible, on and off the mat.

Can I use a discount code on my Kit?

Additional discounts and promotions are not applicable to Kits as they are already bundled together for a lower price point.

Are Kits available in store?

Oh yeah—you can stop by any OV store to grab Kit items at the same bundle price as online. See you soon!

Fit & Sizing

How does OV clothing generally fit?

Buying clothes on the internet is tough; let’s chat through it. Reach out to or give us a call at 646.681.4454.

Take a glance at our Women's Size Chart and our Men's Size Chart for more specific measurement guidelines.

Do you have anywhere I can try things on?

Yep—we’ve got shops in Austin, Dallas, and New York. Come on by!

Other Stuff

How do I stay up to date?

By subscribing to our occasional ; you’ll be thrilled you did. We also love Instagram @outdoorvoices.

What do I do if something I like is out of stock?

Something caught your eye & you click your size—it’s sold out… Bummer! Enter your email into the box that pops up in place of “Add To Bag,” we’ll let you know as soon as your style/size in back in stock.

Aside from our core colors—we love our navy & greys—we will have seasonal colors/styles. These items don’t always restock, so feel free to reach out to our team to double check or get an ETA.

Do you offer gift certificates?

We do! You can purchase a Gift Certificate in the Objects section of our site, found in the Women & Men menus in the top left.

I’d like to be a Wholesale Partner of Outdoor Voices, what do I do?

We are currently closed for wholesale distribution as we focus our efforts on OV retail channels. We appreciate your interest and hope you’ll stay in touch as we grow our online & in-store communities!

Manufacturing & Sustainability

Where do you make your gear?

Currently, we manufacture in the US, China and Vietnam. To select our stateside and overseas partners, we prioritize quality, compliance to worker's safety, fair wages and benefits, and dedication to minimizing environmental impacts (things like water waste and air emissions).

How do you ensure OV products are ethically produced?

Before we craft a single pair of leggings, our partners agree to abide by our vendor code of conduct. On par with industry leaders in sustainability and social compliance, we support places where employees are safe, paid fairly, given benefits, and work regulated hours.

Our team visits each factory and mill in person and we have a few friends (auditors) local to each factory. They love to "drop in" unannounced. Start to finish, we aim for OV to have a positive impact on the people and resources that bring our gear to life.

Are your materials/fabrics sustainably sourced?

We work with specialists around the globe to develop high quality, made-to-sweat-in textiles. While activewear has a track record for being tough to produce and recycle, we're passionate about finding ways to manufacture our materials and styles more sustainably.

We love our lightweight Rec Poly (recycled polyester) fabric, which is crafted from post-consumer water bottles that are melted down and turned into fibers. For our Merino gear, we partner with Global Merino—leaders in sourcing sustainably raised wool, bluesign® certified—who can trace their fibers back to the sheep they came from. Our Seamless collection also works to decrease waste, as these styles are knitted as a tube rather than cut and sewn together—no scraps.

We'll continue to innovate and create more sustainable gear as we grow and learn!

What is OV doing to help the planet?

We offer reusable shopping totes in-store, incentivize employees to use public transit and bike shares, and avidly recycle. When it comes to product, we aim to plan our assortment just-right so we don't create excess products or waste. Plus, our gear is designed to last—a longer lifespan keeps OV in your gym bag and out of landfills.

For Earth Day 2017, we created a limited edition t-shirt whose proceeds will go directly to WWF. We believe in a Recreational Future, which starts with protecting and preserving the wild environments in which we play.